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These company websites feature ease of navigation, fast loading, and clear presentation in English, Japanese or both. What may not be as noticeable is the attention to detail plus the rapid turnaround we give to our clients when they request updates and additions -- typically within an hour or less. The Japanese pages are given the same careful attention, for a well-rounded, professional face in both languages.

Fast, reliable, non-gimmicky, and consistently on-target: Windows crafts web pages that present our client companies in the best possible way.

Nomura Jimusho
This Japanese trading company required a website that could be quickly modified for frequently changing products. A gradual approach was used as more and more items and departments were added. Simultaneously done in both English and Japanese. Click items below to browse more designs under this company (all Japanese language only).

Specialty Chemicals Company Plastics Company
Polymer Chemicals Company Licensing & Catalysts Company
CF Group TAH
Rubber & Rubber Chemicals Group New Materials Group
Powertex Group Business Development Group
Bio Group Morton Salt Japan

Asian Productivity Organization
This is the official page of the APO, Asia's leader of the Productivity Movement which began in Japan 45 years ago. Includes information on its 19-member countries' productivity activities, many programs, excerpts and monthly archive of its newsletter, and detailed summaries of hundreds of productivity books and audio visual materials. The APO story is told in both English and Japanese and updated on almost a daily basis. One key feature is the APO's e-books, which saw more than 350,000 downloads in the first 18 months.

Asian Productivity Organization Japanese Web Site
This is the Japanese web page of the APO, described above.

Integrated Community Development (APO)
This supplemental website for the Asian Productivity Organization is an example of special design treatment we use to provide special focus on specific programs or divisions of the same organization or company.

Global Expansion Network (GEN)
This web site presents the Japanese consulting & localization company as a well-designed brochure might – with clear presentation, attractive graphics, and succinct writing. Every creative element, from a new company logo and walking map, to original “sudoku”, opening page graphics, was used to showcase the company’s superb professionalism. In fact, we even made it possible for GEN’s staff to easily print out key web pages as an effective (but virtually cost-free) color brochure when making sales calls.

Euro Japan
This is a consultancy firm in Japan with a focus on medicine, biotech and university research applications and outreach. Its well-structured website has a number of elements designed to present the company in an effective manner, while providing helpful original resources to pull visitors back regularly.

FTF Worldwide Videoconference Home Page and Directory
This website has become one of the world's best information sources for videoconferencing. It tells about the videoconference services supplied by Face-To-Face Communications to all parts of the world. It also includes an extensive free directory of more than 1,200 self-registered public videoconference venues in more than 400 cities worldwide.

We developed first versions of the following sites:

Toray Engineering
Presenting information on one of Japan's premier engineering companies — an ideal partner for firms wanting to expand their manufacturing base into Asia. Its website showcases the numerous cutting edge products and services supplied by this international corporation which is a member of the Toray Group, one of the well-known corporate groups in Japan.

Human Resources Development (HRD)
HRD is a small management training and consultancy provider. On a limited budget initially, the company made incremental additions that developed its website into an effective marketing and communications tool. Update: Eventually, HRD's staff took over management of this website with the assistance of Windows.

American Management Association of Japan
The AMA is the best and best-known management training and consultancy provider in the world, with more than 100,000 members and 10,000 member companies worldwide. Windows is proud to have been selected by the AMA for its Japan web showcase, in both languages, to market to executives of all nationalities working in Japan. Update: Eventually, AMA's staff took over management of this website with the assistance of Windows.

Our Clients

  • Agfa-Gevaert Japan
  • AHA Japan
  • Alpine Electronics
  • American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • American Malls International
  • American Management Association Japan
  • Asian Productivity Organization
  • Daiwa Securities
  • Dentsu Advertising
  • Eiken Pharmaceuticals
  • EuroJapan
  • Face-To-Face Communications
  • Financial Security Assurance
  • FIND -- Foreign Investment in Japan Development Corporation
  • Fuji Xerox
  • Government of Alberta, Canada Trade Office
  • Hakuhodo Advertising
  • Honda
  • HRD
  • International Bankers Association
  • Iwasaki Electric
  • Japan Apparel Association
  • Japan Securities Dealers Association
  • KDDI
  • Matsushita (Panasonic) Communication
  • Media Factory (Lonely Planet Travel Guides)
  • Michelin Tire
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Movie Marketing Asia (Kinema Jumpo)
  • MTL Instruments, plc.
  • National Cancer Hospital
  • Nippon Kayaku
  • Nokia Japan
  • Nomura Jimusho
  • OMC
  • Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel
  • Sanyo Electric
  • Sumitomo Corporation
  • Sumiken Cosmo
  • Sumitomo Metals
  • Sumitomo 3M
  • Toho University Hospital, Plastic Surgery Division
  • Toray Engineering
  • Toshiba TEC
  • Tsunagu Net Communications
  • Warner Bros. Japan

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